The gratitude

Hébert Method

1913 : The gratitude

In March 1913, an International Congress of Physical Education was organized in Paris, under the aegis of the new President of the Republic, Raymond Poincaré, to compare the different methods that were flourishing at the time.
The Navy presents Hébert’s “Natural Method”. Georges Hébert gives a demonstration with 350 subjects of all ages (from 7 to 21 years old) and not selected for the occasion.
He won a real triumph there and the Natural Method appeared in the eyes of the public as “the” method to adopt.
The press praised Hébert and the Natural Method then immediately achieved international distribution and notoriety.


A HEBERT support committee was immediately formed with:

  • Georges DEMENY
  • Pierre de COUBERTIN and the Olympic Committee
  • Auguste RODIN (sculptor)
  • Jean BOUIN (athlete, Olympic medalist)
  • The Marquis de Polignac
  • Jean RICHEPIN (academician)
  • Gabriel BONVALOT (explorer)

1913 : The college of athletes of Reims

Reims Collège d'athlètes stade Georges Hébert Sport 1913 Polignac

Following this effervescence, Hébert was called, in April 1913, to direct the “College of athletes of Reims”, directed by a patron, the Marquis de Polignac, (President of Pommery champagnes).
The college of athletes was inaugurated by the President of the Republic, Raymond Poincaré, in October 1913.

Georges Hébert trained there:

  • Top athletes (including Jean Bouin) for the 1916 Olympic Games,
    Instructors in 2 separate centers.
  • The direction of the physiology laboratory is entrusted to Demenÿ.
    The reputation is immediate and people come from everywhere to discover the Natural Method.
    Unfortunately this momentum will be cut short by the First World War…


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